Ascent Elevator Services, LLC.    

Maintenance and Repair Services

Ascent can provide you with elevator maintenance, repairs and inspections as folllows:

1. Maintenance

Competitive elevator maintenance and inspection bids are available upon request.  They can include a consultation on any matter relating to the maintenance of the elevator equipment, callbacks, repairs, or inspections. 

A company representative is available to discuss the requirements for maintenance and repairs including proper use and care of the equipment.

2. Repairs and Modernizations

With the passage of time older elevators will need major repairs and equipment upgrades or modernizations.  Ascent Elevator Services can provide you with competitive bids and possible alternative solutions to repairing and modernizing your elevator equipment.  Including replacing existing pump units or replacing older relay controllers, hydraulic cylinder replacements and many other items. 

   (New hydraulic pump units available)

  (Older relay style controllers can be upgraded/repaired)

 (Hydraulic plunger and cylinder replacements)


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